In the summer season when the Sun is at its peak and temperature is almost unbearable that may sometimes cross 45 degrees, choosing the right clothes with right fabric is the must. Your clothes are loose and breathable so that your body will remain cool.

Everyone wants to wear minimum clothes on the body as more clothes may cause unnecessary sweat and even rashes on your body. Capri jeans for women are one of the best options to consider in such hot temperature.

But before buying women’s Capri jeans you must consider few points as wearing a Capri is a bit tricky. Let’s discuss few points about women’s Capri jeans: –

  • The length of Capri: –
    • There is no perfect length of Capri which suits to all sizes. There are different lengths which one can consider according to your body shape.
    • If your calf (widest part of your lower leg) is thick or muscular in shape. You must wear a Capri which ends just below your calf so that the wider part of your leg gets cover.
    • If you have a thinner calf, you can wear a Capri length above your Knees. It gives long legs look to you.
  • The width of Capri: –
    • The width here is considered as the width of the end of the Capri, if you wear wide leg Capri, your legs can look stubby.
    • Prefer to wear straight leg or tapered Capri jeans. It will give you sleekest and long legs look.
  • Waist: –
    • The high waist Capri jeans are preferable as it will make your legs appear longer.
    • The low waist Capri jeans are for those who have sleek and longer legs.
  • Other Details: –
    • Capri with bulky details is a strict no-no. Large cuffs, big side pocket, elastic waistbands, etc. make you look bulky.
    • A Cargo Capri makes you look chubby and adds few pounds to your look.

Accessories which you should wear with women Capri jeans: –

  • If you have short legs, you must not wear flat shoes or sandals with Capri jeans as it will make you look shorter.
  • Try to wear shoe matching to your skin color or Capri color. It will make your legs look longer.
  • Consider wearing a summer sandal with heel or wedge is the best option with Capri jeans.

We have discussed few points which you should keep in mind before selecting or purchasing Capri jeans for you. These points will surely help you look smarter and give a perfect trendy look this summer.

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